Overcome with the Right Fear

Quoting from a fellow prayer warrior who was speaking of the life of the plain-spoken German Lutheran Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

Bonhoeffer faced imprisonment and death at the hands of the Nazis in 1945, just a few weeks before the end of World War II. He was a theologian that participated in the "Widerstand", the German resistance movement, against Hitler. Understanding this context, Bonhoeffer's comments on Psalm 34 come to light and speak into our situation, where fear can creep in easily.

Psalm 34:9
O fear the Lord you his holy ones, for those who fear him have not want.

Bonheoffer comments: "This is the first commandment, the entire Gospel: 'Fear God.' Forget the many things you fear. Do not fear the coming day, do not fear other people, do not fear power and might, even if they are able to deprive you of property and life; do not fear the great ones in this world; do not fear yourself; do not fear sin. But fear God and God alone; for God has power over the powers of this world; the whole world must fear God. Fear God's earnestness--and give God the glory."

Let us take moment of silence away from our busy days and ask how these words apply to us. Then, let us spend a moment asking how this applies to the Dong people. And pray.

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