Reached but Still Unbelieving

It is easy to talk about either the Dong people that already believe or those that have never even heard, but what of those who have heard some, but still have not put their faith in Jesus Christ or started the journey of growing to maturity in him? There are so many barriers, and as always, whether in China or in the West, those barriers differ with every person.

Let's spend some time praying through some of these different barriers that the Dong people have:

Picked from the path...
There are Dong people who have heard the word of God, and maybe even thought it through, but in one way or another, Satan has picked the seed from their hearts and they have no chance of growing in the first place. Pray that the Lord will protect these from the schemes of Satan and lodge the Word deep within them.
On the rock...
These have received the word joyously, but with no root, quickly wither in time of testing. Pray that God will work a miracle by giving them the grace they need to weather the storm of testing, that they may outgrow the initial difficulty of receiving the seed in rocks and grow into well-rooted trees.
Among thorns...
These have heard, but as they go along the way, they are eventually choked out by the cares and riches and pleasures of life, and never reach maturity. Pray for enduring patience and for the Lord to help them see what is happening before it is too late.
We should also pray for those who sow. They do not know what kind of ground it is where they are sowing, but they do know that if they do not sow for fear of wasting seed, they will never see any fruit at all. May the Lord prepare the hearts of the Dong people to hear the word, and help them to hold it fast in an honest and good heart, so they may bear fruit with patience.

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