Lord, Send Revival

Dr. Lloyd-Jones once commented that more is accomplished in one hour of revival than in a lifetime of ministry. When the power of God comes, the kingdom expands and grows in ways unimaginable in human plans and hopes.

How wonderful it would be to see that happen among the Dong people. And we would not pray for such a thing just because it would be easy, that is, not obliging us to spend that lifetime of ministry. Rather, it is a shift of focus in how we minister till the revival does come.

Revival does not come because we put it on a schedule. Revival does not follow the lines of our Bible distribution points. Revival is not an act of man.

It is an act of God. It is the power of God at work. And if we want to see incredible works of God among the Dong people, there is only one to whom we can plead: the Bringer himself.

Lord Jesus, we want to see those who are now groping in the darkness to see the light of God. We want to see husbands loving their wives and wives living in respect of their husbands. We want to see business conducted to the mutal benefit of all involved. We want to see a public outflow of care toward the poor, the widows, and the orphans. We want to see a total renovation of this society, to see them living in the love of God and in unity with their fellow man.
Only you can do this. Lord Jesus, come.

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