More Believers Than I Thought

Here is a report received from one of our fellow prayer warriors and laborers for the Dong people:
When I arrived in China and was still in the city, I attended the Sunday Three Self church service. It happened to be a baptism service. I was really struck by the whole situation.

I said to God, "Why are you doing so much work here in the city when there still so few believers among the Dong people out in the countryside?" And within a couple days, he answered my complaint with a humbling but wonderful report.

I was meeting up with some old friends there in the city, one of whom was a Chinese Christian professional. When I was expecting him to talk about his life, his job, and the normal update, what he said instead really shocked me: "You had mentioned the Dong people to me many times before and I never really understood what was so special about them. Now, though, I feel the Lord has told me to quit my job and focus all my efforts on full time ministry to the Dong."
Wow! Was I surprised! I felt so grateful to the Lord for what he was doing in my friend's heart. Then, my friend continued, "I have been working with a few Dong believers the past few months, and am thankful to the Lord for the growth he is bringing in the Dong church."
What growth? He reported that the ten to twenty believers in the areas I was familiar with before had now grown to seventy or so believers! I immediately felt like Elijah, complaining to the Lord that he was the only one left, and the Lord humbling him by letting him know of the hundreds of others kept safe outside of Elijah's knowledge.
"Who am I Lord? This work has nothing to do with my achievements or involvement. It is you alone that accomplishes this work. Thank you so much for how your Holy Spirit has moved, working in the hearts of the Dong people and bringing them into your kingdom. Please continue to do what only you can do!"

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