Happy May 1st

Dong Embroidery with LoveThis week is one of the biggest holiday and travel weeks of the year in China. And out in the Dong areas, tourism is definitely booming for these few days. There are some foreigners, but the clear bulk of travellers is from within China.

Why would we bother talking about national holidays in China? Some of the most tourist-visited areas of the "Dong world" also have Christians, and those Christians survive off the tourism industry. A lot of money will be changing hands, business will be booming, and the potential for money-related temptation will be stronger than normal.

Actually, we already mentioned these particular believers in the past, stealing business from others...intentionally keeping business for themselves and away from a Christian brother or sister. And we have also talked about how the influence of money, not only on the Dong people, but on all of us.

But with all that in mind, knowing the temptation they will face to keep blessings from their brothers and sisters just to earn a little more money, let us pray for them this week as they make business more decisions than normal. Let's pray that the standard for business decisions will not be money and the maximum gain, but rather Christ and his way. Pray for love and unity between the children of God.

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