The Long Term Witness

It is easy to keep talking about what is happening among the Dong people at this very moment, current and up-to-date prayer requests. That is great, of course, but we need to make sure and remember those prayer needs that are so consistent that we have long since forgotten to pray.

In one area, the Dong people have been hearing stories from the Bible very consistently over the past couple years or more. The Christians in this situation are able to proclaim the good news in a very natural and culturally appropriate way. Basically, the Dong are hearing the gospel in a way they can easily understand.

Some of these have become believers. Some are just interested. And more than likely, some are not interested at all. Let's pray for the Dong people hearing this message and for the Christians as they tell the greatest story on Earth.

Lord Jesus, we are so thankful that you are using simple and consistent stories to tell of what you have done for us. We ask that the Dong hearers will understand and receive the truth of the life giving words, and that your Spirit would bring about change in their hearts. We also pray that you would speak through the mouths of our brothers and sisters, that your word would be proclaimed clearly, as it should. May many souls be saved out of the darkness into your wonderful light through the long-term witness of your people.

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