Dong Prayer Guide

Great news! DongTeam.org has finished producing the Kingdom of Priests prayer guide. This guide looks at seven moments in the biblical Exodus event, evaluates the Dong situation, and puts those two together to pray for a great spiritual exodus of the Dong people.

We will begin distribution of the guide by providing the it in PDF format. You can download it right now and start using it immediately by just clicking on the image here...but be careful, this file is about 1MB in size, and if you are using a dial-up modem connection, it could take some time to download.

We do know, however, that paper guides are the preference for the majority of people. Prayer seems to be one of the few areas where computerized formats just do not cut it. Many of us do not want to incorporate computers into our prayer times. Paper, though, is no problem.

With this need in mind, we will soon be able to provide printed Kingdom of Priests prayer guides for order from the DongTeam.org Media page. They are on the presses at this very moment.

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