In the Face of Persecution

Christians still face struggles from the authorities in China. Here is a quick update and prayer request from some Christians working in an area where Dong Christians are facing just that:

Maybe asking new Christians whether they are willing to follow Christ even if they are taken in, beaten, or worse is something to think about. And, maybe we should talk to them about if they're questioned or taken in, to be ready to suffer so that others don't need to—as in not giving any names or info—no matter what. All of those questioned here gave each others' names, because they said the police knew anyway. Sure the police already knew, but if they hadn't said the names, it wouldn't be on their record that they said them. But, when you don't give info they get very mad, and may very likely try to make you say it.

Really the young believers all handled it pretty well. They really have grown in many ways they wouldn't have otherwise. They even said so themselves. So, trouble shouldn't be feared; God definitely uses it.

I'm not sure what kind of things to pray for. The brothers and sisters, for sure, and a few that were really close when all this happened. Ask for them to continue to press on, and to share and reach out to their families and friends without fear. One of them is interested in Tibet, strangely enough, and also wants to be a pastor.
I am excited to see what He will do there in the next few years, now that things have finally opened up a little and there are a Christians there. Ask that this would be the beginning of a great sweep!

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