The Coming King

Even though Israel had hundreds of years to prepare for their king, they were still surprised when he actually did come. Dozens of false messiahs came and went before Jesus hit the scene, all starting their own rebellions.

Then, out in the local barn, the savior is born. His family was not prestigious and the surroundings were far from grand. The triumphal announcement was even made known to a few random shepherds minding their own business in the fields. Jesus was quite a surprise.

As the celebration of his birth approaches, let us be in prayer for the Dong people. Even the knowledge of his birth is still coming to them; most still have not heard it. Let us pray that this Christmas season will be an opportunity for the gospel of his coming to reach hundreds of Dong people.

Lord, open doors this Christmas season. For your children who live among the Dong people, inspire them to speak out the good news of your coming. Just as the star shone the night you came to this earth, shine this Christmas message as a bright light in the darkness of those who do not yet know you.

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