Video: Cicada Song

We have one last video to share with you all. This song is a very famous Dong song, sung and re-sung at competitions and performances.

We share these videos with you for the fun of it or just for some easy prayer update. As we pray, sometimes we just want to have some specific information or a deeper understanding of the people for whom we are praying. It makes sense, right? It is hard to pray for somebody you do not know. In these videos, we can look into one aspect of Dong life that Dong people themselves highly value: music.

And not only does understanding them help us pray, but we can turn this into a specific prayer request. Would it not be wonderful if Dong people had Dong Christian music videos available? As is, Dong people flock to sellers in the market any time they can find Dong music videos. Not only would Christian music videos be a wonderful tool for churches, but a wonderful tool of witnessing Christ in a way the Dong people know and love.
So, let's enjoy the video and pray for the Lord to inspire Christian musicians to create authentic Dong Christian music.

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