National Geographic Dong Article

China has captivated the spotlight of the world for the last few weeks. Not only did the devastating earthquake draw us all in to our televisions in sympathy, but before the earthquake ever hit, National Geographic chose to focus their entire May's issue on China.

NatGeo evidently decided a month on China would not be well rounded without telling of the people in China's countryside, and they just happened to chose to focus on one people group...the Dong. Nice choice.

For those who have not read the article, DongTeam.org would like to highly suggest it, if you get a chance. Not only is it well written (by a very famous author of other China-related books) and have beautiful photography of the Dong people, but it really does paint a clear and accurate picture of life in a Dong village.

National Geographic also produced some online supplements to the article about the Dong, including a video slide show. We certainly do not intend to just keep giving you links to videos about the Dong, but given the circumstances, we did not want to keep this one from you. It has many more photos which were not used in the magazine and paint a more full picture of Dong life.
You will need to visit the NatGeo video page, then click on the "China Special Issue" at the left to be able to find the "Guizhou Village" video.


  1. We mentioned the National Geographic article on the Dong people in the May 2008 issue, and it is worth an extra mention. What an excellent aide to prayer for the Dong people. It is much more than a general look at Dong culture, but for one reason or another, is an in depth look into the spiritual mind of the Dong people. We highly suggest it.

  2. The above link to the NatGeo video page is still good, but because they always have newer videos up on that page, you will have to click on the "China Special Issue" link on the left hand side of the page. Let us know here (by leaving a comment) if you experience anything different.