Personal Prayer Reminders

I totally agree with the spirit of the last journal entry. Hundreds of thousands of Dong people are watching the Olympics, especially since they are in China. I just wonder how to pray.

I have really been appreciating the desktop backgrounds, myself. Not just enjoying, but seeing Dong faces every time I work on the computer, which seems to be a lot, is a wonderful and frequent reminder to prayer. In honor of the Olympics, the DongTeam media page has two sports related backgrounds as a way to integrate scripture and prayer into our everyday lives. Both are basketball related, which is a great fit for the Dong people and their sports interests; they were certainly watching the China-U.S. game a few nights ago.

If you have not downloaded those. I suggest you do so. For the remaining days of the Olympics, use the faces on those as personal reminders to prayer. Use the verses as a meditation to prayers far deeper than our own limited minds can bring up.

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