Found God in the Stars

In the last prayer journal entry, we were praying and meditating on the verse from Romans 1 about all the Dong being able to see God's eternal power and divine nature just from creation. How true it is, and though not Dong related, we now have a personal testimony of someone coming to faith here in China in just this way.

A young Chinese lady relates to us:

"Ever since I was young, I liked looking at the stars. I always wondered who made it all. It must have been somebody. So, who was it?

"I really believed there was one God who created nature. In Chinese belief, there were many Gods, but it just seemed like those were fairly powerless and from looking at nature, there must have been one truly powerful God who could do all this. I just did not know who he was.

"Later, in college, I had a foreign teacher who would teach literature and culture by using the Bible. So, even though I did not express any belief then, I heard a lot, learned a lot, and began making connections. Eventually, when I started at a job, a co-worker, who was a Christian, invited me to a Christian house group meeting with her...and my Christian life began there.
"God has been so patient with me. He started by teaching me some of the basics of who he was way back when I was just looking at the stars. Now, I am a part of a growing and active group of Christians. Praise the Lord."
Is that not amazing? With her testimony in mind and the wonderful and mysterious ways God works to bring all of us along our journey to him, let's pray for him to be working similar stories among the Dong people, though we may not hear of them for many years to come.

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