Scripture Penetrating to the Bone

Some Dong believers have done some Bible translation from Chinese to their own language and they wanted to try it out with some of the older folks in the village to see how well they understood. Very few Dong people can read written Dong language, so the translator read aloud to a group gathered together.

They had translated the book of Ruth, not only because it is short, but it is a narrative and easier to translate than many sections of the Bible. As the translator read to the group, he noticed a lady in the back who was crying. He really did not know what was wrong and was scared that he had done a bad job translating, making the language too "young" and not as it should be.

After the reading was over, he approached the elderly lady and asked her what was wrong. She said, "the words penetrated into my bones."
Not only was the translation fine, but to finally hear about the Most High God in her own language, especially the story of Ruth with which so many of these minority women can sympathize, was incredibly moving.
What a beautiful story! And true, no less. Oh, Lord, we pray that more Dong people will be able to hear your Scripture in their own tongue. We might have wondered why translators would choose a book like Ruth, but all your word has purpose and we give thanks that it was exactly what was right for that moment and that lady. Please continue to use that book and others which have been translated to proclaim the living and holy God to a people who do not yet know you.

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