Cult Deceiving Two Dong Believers

We have an urgent and specific prayer request to share. Here is what was shared with us:

I have an urgent prayer request for you. Some of you have heard of Eastern Lightening. This cult preys on Christians and is spreading in many areas of China. The followers of this cult believe that we have come into a new era where we need to believe in their female Messiah (who came as a 30-year-old, plain-looking woman to Henan Province, China "like a thief in the night") to be saved. They are knowledgeable of the Bible, but twist the words to try to convince people Jesus has already returned as this female Messiah. When unable to convert people they have been known to use financial inducement, beatings and torture, sexual seduction, and brainwashing. If you want to read more about it you can go to the China for Jesus website or ask DongTeam.org directly.

[ That is just a very brief setting to help understand the story; the actual prayer request is as follows. ]

SP and MT, two of my former students now attending the same university, are involved in this cult. They do not know it is Eastern Lightening, but the teachings they are receiving, and have told me about, are in line with this cult. I do not know how involved they are yet. Please pray for their protection, for them to see the danger, to see how they are being deceived, and to get out of this cult as soon as possible. Pray for them to get involved with true Christians who will encourage them and help them again get grounded in the truth. Pray also for the members of the cult to see the truth, turn to Jesus, and repent. Pray for the Lord to use this to strengthen the believers.
I was very encouraged that when AJ found out about SP and MT, he and the other believers he meets with fasted and prayed for them for two days.

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