Deliverance from a Cult's Deception

We received an update on SP and MT, how prayers are being answered, and the truth is overcoming the deception of the Eastern Lightening cult:

"MT from the beginning had some doubts about the Eastern Lightening people, but was drawn in because they were so nice and seemed to really care for him. Now that he realizes it is Eastern Lightning he is ready to get out. So, please pray for him, especially that he would find fellowship with true brothers and sisters (and there are many in his area).

"I do not know what any of you have read about Eastern Lightning, but had started to think that all the horrible reports I had heard were a little exaggerated. After hearing SP tell me about her experiences, I know none of it is exaggerated.

"It is very demonic and deceptive. They took advantage of her compassion and her heart to share the gospel with others to deceive her and lead her to a very remote location. They also used supposed prophecy to try to convince her. They told her that if she told anyone she and the person she told would be cursed. She was deceived at the beginning, but it did not take long for her to realize the truth. This came about by another sister describing the exact same thing that had happened to her.
"SP is now cooperating with authorites to try to bring in some of the leaders. Because of this she is not able to let on that she does not believe what Eastern Lightning is teaching. She really needs our prayers for her protection both physically and spiritually. She said it is very difficult to meet with the Eastern Lightning people and pretend to agree to the lies, but feels that this is what she needs to do now to try to bring in some of the leaders so that others do not fall into the same trap."
Let us join together in prayer for SP and MT and their struggles with the lies of Satan. Especially for SP, extreme wisdom is needed: her choice to work against the cult alongside worldly authorities is very questionable. At the very least, we need to pray strongly for SP's spiritual growth, which could easily drop to nothing in the midst of all this.

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