Restored from a Cult

We have been praying for two fellow believers caught in a cult. Here is another update from a friend of theirs:

I got an e-mail from MT and then later talked with SP on the phone. They are both out of the Eastern Lightening cult completely! Both MT and SP are still struggling and confused though. Please pray they would receive encouragement and teaching to help bring them back to clarity and a relationship with the Lord.

Also pray for protection for another young believer they know who is missing and a safe return to true brothers and sisters in the Lord. The fellowship (house church) that these young people went to has been broken up because of Eastern Lightning. Pray that the Lord would bring them together again to meet, and that he would raise up leaders among them. Ask also for their unity in Christ. It will be difficult for them to trust again after being deceived and betrayed by people who were so close to them.
I was amazed at SP's response to this situation, now that it is over. SP is actually thankful to the Lord for allowing this situation to happen because:
  • She has learned to not just automatically trust what Christian leaders say, rather to always listen to the Holy Spirit and compare what they say to the Bible.
  • She has a better understanding of how great God is and how he answers prayer.
  • She now knows how to minister to people who have gone through difficulties such as she has. Praise the Lord!

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