Know the Truth to Identify the Lie

The past couple weeks, we have been praying against cults and for the people in them who want out. In the absence of more updates for that specific topic, we should now turn to a directly related topic of prayer: how to prepare Christians against the deceptions of cults.

The answer is quite simple, even if the practical working out of that answer is difficult: the Word of God. When taught to identify counterfeit money, trainees do not try to learn all the ways a fake can look, they are taught to know the touch, smell, texture, and feel of real money. When we know the truth, the lies are obvious.

With the Dong, however, this is a particularly difficult problem. They cannot just start up Bible studies to reaffirm the core truths of the gospel. A very small segment of Dong people have access to scripture in any form in their own language. If they did, most Dong people cannot read Dong, anyway. Even the scriptures in Chinese, which are difficult to understand for most, are not readily available in the Dong areas. What is to be done? This needs prayer.

We need to pray for several points, all of which would bring Dong people closer to reading and hearing the scriptures in their own language.

  1. Materials like the Jesus Film, which would be recorded in their language and have video to give them a context in which to understand who Jesus was, would be wonderful in the Dong language. Please pray for those kinds of materials to be produced.
  2. Other audio materials which could share Bible stories in the Dong language would help provide a more full story of the Bible and provide a grand historical context for Jesus.
  3. Pray for Dong people to have opportunities to learn how to read Dong. Then, the Bible or even scripture portions could make a huge difference in the Dong church. Pray those who know how to read would teach others and that God would build a desire in the hearts of many to learn how to read to make straight the way when his gospel comes.

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