Putting Materials in Use

Many of us have been praying for a very long time for more scripture materials to be available to the Dong people. Since 2006, a written New Testament has been published, but to provide scripture to the hundreds of thousands of Dong people who cannot read, we will need audio/visual scripture materials in the Dong language as well.

We are extremely excited to announce some of these materials are now finished! Now the issue is how to really provide them for the use of Dong people. Please join together in prayer for the unique issues facing those who seek to find the best way to give these portions of scripture to the Dong people.

Lord, we thank you so much for the development of these portions of scripture in audio/visual format for the great numbers of Dong people who cannot read. We ask that you would give wisdom to those who have to decide how to distribute these materials, to whom, when, how many.
Our desire, which is your desire, is to take your glorious gospel to every corner of the Dong people group and beyond. We want to see the Dong church growing in the knowledge of your Word. And we know that these materials play a very big part in that. May your name be known.

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  1. We apologize that many details must be left out of some of our information here on DongTeam. The important aspects of the prayer items remain, but details we are used to hearing must be stripped off to protect some of these projects. If you can read this entry, so can those who seek to harm the spread of the gospel.