Preparing the Dong in Prayer for Easter

As Easter approaches, we prepare ourselves for the greatest event in all history, the event that changed history forever and, more importantly, gave the world assurance of God's power to resurrect his children too. Hundreds of thousands of Dong people still have no idea the resurrection ever happened, though.

In this season, I often think of the twelve disciples. They too had no clue what was going on, even though they were frequently told quite clearly by Jesus. And when I think of how the Dong people will ever understand, if it took the disciples so long, I have to wonder how Jesus did it.

It was a wonderful combination of three years of daily witness, completed by the trial, death, burial, and resurrection. Of course, the disciples still did not understand immediately, but with instruction and the Lord opening their eyes to the meaning of the Scriptures, they did finally get it. In these last weeks before Easter, remember the journeys of the disciples, their paths to understanding the gospel, and pray the same will happen among the Dong people.

Lord, we pray first that you would establish a witness among the Dong people, the daily lives of Christians that can live out the reality and truth of your gospel. Lord we also pray that you would help the Dong people, even the Christians, understand more deeply the meaning of your Scriptures. May this Easter bring new life to many Dong people.

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