That the Dong will Sing Their Song

The Dong people have a deeply musical culture. Guests enter villages through song. Work is often accompanied by song. Couples meet and get to know each other through song. Festivals never lack song and dance. When will their songs be raised in praise to the Creator of the world?

new prayer background of Dong people singingThe prayer was are joining in this week is quite simple: that the Dong people would use their language and their music and raise a new song to the Lord which has never been heard before. Ask that the Lord will use their music to touch their hearts and edify their churches in ways they had never imagined. It is easy to stick to the Chinese songs taught by big city Christians, but it is time they sing their new song to the Lord from the depths of their musical souls.

As a prayer aid and reminder, DongTeam has put up a new prayer background for your computer desktops. Just click on the photo above and you can download the photos from the Media page.

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