Losing Spiritual Mentors

None of us wants to lose our spiritual mentor. Many of us have never had one. For whatever reason, losing that person who invested in us and helped us grow is hard. Sometimes, we never fully recover and end up spending years not fervently seeking the Lord, and rarely does that happen without some effort on our part (or someone pushing us).

Remember Clement from the last entry and his exile. Many followed him into exile, exactly because exile was better than losing that spiritual guidance and community. There were plenty, I am sure, who did not go into exile with Clement, and stayed behind. Many Dong people are in that exact situation right now.

It has happened before and is happening again. The Lord is moving spiritual mentors out of the Dong areas, strong Christians who were helping young Christians grow in the faith. It is easy for us to feel this is a negative situation, but knowing God has all things under his control and wills only good for his children, let us pray that his will be done for the Dong Christians left without that spiritual guidance.

Father, many of our brothers and sisters are now without their spiritual mentors. Like Jesus, who prayed so fervently in the garden, we humbly put aside our own will, and pray that your will be done. Use this time, likely through trials, to purify their faith and make them strong in the Christ. Fill them with your Spirit and continue to reveal yourself to them through your Word.

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