Paying Respect to Ancestors

April 5th is the Qingming Festival this year. Dong families will head back home, join together, and head to the mountains where their ancestors are buried. It is much more than just a time to clean up the grave sites from the year's growth, but is a time to pay respects.

"Grandpa and Grandma, here are your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. We come to pay our respect to you and to ask for your blessing on us. Bless us in our business, in our families, in our studies, and in every way."

The Dong people live under the deception, passed down through many generations, of who is God and who is god, a deception of who is Creator and who is created. Pray that during this important festival time, many will see the uselessness of praying to fellow creatures, but that they would finally seek the Father who created them and yearns for a relationship with them.

Father, you love the Dong people. You have watched them return year after year to their ancestors' grave sites to ask for blessing from those who cannot give it. You are ready and willing to give, but they do not know you. Loving Father, we remember this situation before you and ask for you show them the truth in some way. Reveal the Creator to their hearts.

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