Keep Yourselves From Idols

Just today, I was reading through 1 John, and the last verse really stuck out. Honestly, I did not quite understand why it was there, but I quickly thought of the Dong people.

After an entire book focused on love for one another, following God's commandments through love, and other extremely practical ways to grow in faith, the book ends with this: "Little children, keep yourselves from idols." I saw two answers. One, as we just said, John's epistle is extremely practical, and without much explanation, "keep away from idols" sums up an entire topic in a few words. Two, the verse immediately preceding speaks of the true God, and being followed by a warning against idols is clearly connected to the same thought.

1 John was written to Christians, and let us pray for our Christian brothers and sisters who are surrounded by idols. They are in every house, on every bridge, beside every mountain trail, and deceiving every Dong village. Let us pray God will "give them understanding, so that they may know him who is true...He is the true God and eternal life" (1John 5:20). Pray for the Lord's mercy as they attempt to keep themselves from idols and to cling to the one true God.

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