Chronological Bible Stories Reaching the Dong

A new and hopefully helpful media project is now "hitting the streets" in the Dong areas. It is stories from the Bible, told in the Dong language, and recorded. Now, the many Dong people who struggle reading the Bible in Chinese have a few of the stories retold in their own language.

There are many potential uses for the stories, but the primary use is the building up of the Dong church. It is an aid to the many churches who right now must rely on interpretation from Chinese to Dong for Bible study. It is not the whole Bible, by any means, but does have a core set of stories chosen around a theme of redemption.

Let us pray as these stories begin to be used:

Pray churches that will learn or develop ways to use these audio scriptures in their edification. Pray the Spirit would speak through these in a new way and use it to invigorate the church. And, as always, with a language made up of many dialects and sub-dialects, pray these stories will be understood beyond the technical boundaries of the speakers' dialect.

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