Bringing the Churches Together

A couple years ago, Chinese Religious Affairs officials surveyed counties in one area, including some Dong counties, to determine if an open church (Chinese Three Self) would be established in the county seats. If they found enough Christians in the county seat, a church could be opened. Sadly, the Dong counties did not obtain permission.

Most efforts to share the gospel with the Dong people have been aimed at villages, and that certainly makes sense, but in an effort to hit the heart of the Dong people out in the villages, these efforts have bypassed the county seats. The problem we now have is that the gatherings of Dong believers have very little connection to one another. They may know each other, but there is no practical tie between them that would allow them to have regular contact and fellowship with one another.

Pray that churches could be established in the county seats, central locations to help hold together the fellowship of all the believers in each of the Dong counties. For the counties which do have a church in the county seat (very few, but some), pray the believers would grow strong in Christ and strive to serve and love those believers isolated in small towns and villages.

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