The Life Giving Power

The signs of harvest season are spreading across the Dong areas: scorching work days out in the fields cutting and threshing rice, news of harvest festivals, and a general sigh of relief that the crops came in again this year. The Dong people spend their lives in tune with the seasons, yet fail to perceive the organizing, life-sustaining Power behind those seasons. They sweat and toil in the shadow of mountains and clean their implements in the streams, but do not seem to question the Origin of all things.

Recently, in a worship service mixed with Christians from the village and those from the town, the thanks given brought out this realization. The town folk were thankful for an opportunity to spend a day out in the village, where they felt so much closer to nature and the Creator. The village folks, laughing, said they were thankful for the opportunity to come into town and get away from the unceasing labor of the village.

Let us pray that the millions of Dong out in their fields this harvest season will see the Order behind all things. Pray they be able to cease their labors, even is only for a moment, long enough to be touched by the Creator who is everywhere present and speaking to them through his creation.

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