Already White for Harvest

Lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest (John 4:35). Jesus spoke these words into a context where the Jews had been prepared for centuries for the Word of God, and now, so many were waiting to find the Messiah, as evidenced by the thousands coming to Christ in just a few months after his resurrection. But how does this verse apply to the Dong?

Today, the Dong celebrate "ghost day" (the festival day of spirits or ghosts). For far too long, they have lived under the deception of the evil spirits they serve. The spirits are not something to like; they are something to fear. That in itself is an indicator of the evil nature of the spirits and that there may be a good natured One. The spirits are appeased so that they would leave us alone. Does not that ever bring up the thought that there might be One Good God or at the very least, the One who has authority over these oppressors?

Many Dong people, immediately upon hearing of a good God who loves them and has the authority and power to protect them, believe in and desire such a God. The hearts of the Dong people are indeed fields white for harvest. Feel free to download DongTeam's new prayer reminder background (on the media page) to keep the Dong people in mind. Pray that on this day especially, the Holy Spirit would fill their minds with a longing for the Truth of God, which is Christ himself.

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