Humble Beginnings

In Luke 2, Jesus has appeared on the scene, but still so few even know of this incredible gift from God to man. How similar this situation is to the Dong people. The witness of the Christ has arrived, but so few have actually heard the words of life.

Mary had already heard the words of the angel in chapter one, but here we see her pondering the words of the shepherds to whom was revealed that the "Savior, who is Christ the Lord" had come.

Then, we have Simeon blessing Jesus as the salvation of God prepared for all peoples, and Anna prophesying of the one for whom all were waiting, the one who would redeem Jerusalem.

And we cannot forget those in the temple who personally interacted with Jesus in the temple when he was twelve years old. That must have been strange. These are adults, professional learners of the scriptures and the other Jewish writings, yet Jesus amazed them even though he was a fraction of their age.

Great events? Yes. Still, these seem like humble beginnings for the savior of the world: mom and dad, a few shepherds, some holy man, a widow that hangs around the temple, and some shocked seminary professors. Sure, he is amazing, but how is he ever going to be known as the salvation of all peoples at this pace?

Again, it is the same with the name of Christ becoming known among the Dong people.
At first, it most certainly seems like everything is too slow and too few people know, but we cannot take the hand of God lightly. When he speaks, things happen, much more than they do with our earthly plans.

Pray that we will have the patience to do what the Lord gives us to do each day. Pray also that the Lord will continue bringing the Dong people to knowledge of him, until one day, all Dong people know of the Christ.

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