Seen Enough to Know

Simon and partners were tired from another all-night fishing job, extra tired because it had yielded nothing. They may not have caught much, but at least they can use their boats to provide a service by giving Jesus a more comfortable speaking platform.

It was a community service; Jesus did not need to pay. Still, Jesus directs Simon to head back out in the boat and drop the nets again. We know the rest. Or do we?

This story is ending, but another story, much greater and lengthy is just beginning. Simon first hears the words of Jesus (from the best seats in the house, no less), then is astounded by a huge catch directed by some guy who should know nothing of fishing, then hears Jesus's words: "This is nothing! These are just bity fish. From now on, you will be hauling in men."

Sign me up! As soon as Simon and partners had their boats back to land, they completely reinvested. Father Zebedee and others are left with a nice parting gift, but Simon, Andrew, James, and John left all they had in the world and followed Jesus.

Just a few verses later, we see Jesus says a simple "follow me" to Levi, and he does the same: he leaves all the tax money, his booth, everything! He just stands and follows Jesus.

These are men that saw the true value of the things of life. What is the biggest load of fish compared to Jesus? What is a stack of money compared to him? No hesitation. No question. "We are sticking with this guy."

The prayer is simple but powerful: let's pray for the Lord to reveal himself to some Dong men and women who, once they catch that first glimpse of Christ, follow after him with all their heart, soul, and mind. Then, as the Lord challenges and grows them, pray they become the beginning of an indigenous movement of fellow followers.

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