Wealth in Their Hearts

In Luke 9, Jesus makes the statement, "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head." He was a homeless wanderer, a ragamuffin, and though he does not call all people to that same ministry, he does call us all to live with the same ruthless trust in him that we are willing to give up all these things for him.

The state of our hearts is the important matter. Jesus looks past whether we are technically obeying the law (which, by the way, is usually made by man, not God) and looks instead to our hearts. Christians should be homeless deep in their hearts, trusting not in the roof over their heads, but the Lord over their hearts.

Most of the Dong young people have spent years longing for something better. Very few are content in what they have, much less content in even less. They want to move to the cities, make money, have a car and a nice home, and not have to continue a seemingly demeaning life of working the earth for their daily rice.

This is a struggle especially for Dong Christians, who after years of having greed encouraged from every side, now face the high calling of Jesus, who himself did not have a home.

As the Dong people begin to hear and read this passage, let us pray that they will follow the example of Christ. Let us pray for their encouragement as they strive to go against the greedy passions which have been modeled for them and instead give their lives as a living sacrifice.

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