Children's Book Takes Us to a Dong Village

"I remember the first time I looked around and noticed that every woman in the village had purple hands. That will certainly catch your attention. My curiosity opened my eyes. I started observing: 'Where are they going?' 'What is that bundle in her hands?' 'Wait, that hammering noise is coming from another blue-handed woman.'" What a fascinating process, and the answer is equally fascinating.

DongTeam learned about the children's book, Purple Hands, along with the paper about Dong religious ceremonies, because they have, as you might noticed, written by the same author. They certainly do not have the same intended audience, though. This book would be a great way to introduce a child (and probably yourself) to a practice that has not been a part of most of our cultures for the past century or more. It is a way to step into a Dong village and experience the curiosity of a child, and through it to step into another's shoes and learn something about them.

You can purchase the book Purple Hands online. Grab and copy and enjoy.

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