These maps provide a general picture of where the Dong people live. All the Dong people live within the People's Republic of China within three provinces: Guizhou, Guangxi, and Hunan.

This map outlines in red the general area in which the Dong live. The largest population of Dong are in Guizhou Province. The northern half of Southeast Asia is shown to give geographic reference and perspective.

map courtesy of the Perry-ConstaƱeda Library Map Collection

Though several newer linguistic maps exist, this 1967 map more adequately portrays the linguistic families and the specific languages within those families. The map does not use the current romanization system for the Chinese place names. For the current spelling, refer to the above map. The numbered people group names have been reproduced here with modern spellings (as shown in the Ethnologue) so you will be more likely to recognize them.


map courtesy of the Perry-ConstaƱeda Library Map Collection
MON-KHMER 13–Vo (Wa), 14–Blang
TIBETO-BURMAN 14–Tibetan, 16–Yi (Lolo), 17–Bai, 19–Hani (Woni), 20–Lisu (Chingpo), 21–Lahu, 22–Naxi
TAI 23–Bouyei (Buyi), 24–Kam (Dong), 25–Dai, 26–Zhuang, 27–Shui
MIAO-YAO 28–Miao, 29–Yao

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